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Dress Code


Welcome to La Vallée du Richelieu Golf Club. We ask you to please read and respect our rules regarding the Club’s dress code.

Dress code

General rules

All members and their guests must be appropriately dressed upon arrival on Club property (including the parking lot, clubhouse, courses and practice area). Members are responsible for ensuring that their children and guests respect the Club's dress code. 

  • Denim or jeans may not be worn at any time, the only exception is the following: jeans without holes may be worn to and from the locker room on the first floor only.
  • It is forbidden to wear clothing featuring the logo or colours of a non-golf organization.
  • Golf shoes must be worn. Only golf shoes with soft spikes are allowed on the courses.
  • Stockings must be worn (knee-high stockings, ¾-length stockings, ¼-length stockings covering the entire ankle, or sockettes).
  • The wearing of caps, visors or hats is prohibited in the clubhouse. It is permitted on the terrace, however, it would be best to remove headgear when you are seated for a meal.
  • It is forbidden to wear a cap with the visor up or backwards.


Men - Additional rules

The following items of clothing may be worn if they are sold specifically for golf:  

  • Bermuda shorts or pants
  • Golf shirts or polo shirts with collar and sleeves, mock neck shirts or turtlenecks.
  • At all times, these garments must be worn inside Bermuda shorts or pants.


The following garments may not be worn:  

  • Safari, rugby and cargo pants
  • Cargo shorts or sports shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Sandals may not be worn on Club property. However, they may be worn to the locker room on the first floor only.


Women - Additional rules

The following garments may be worn if they are sold specifically for golf:

  • Pants, Bermuda shorts, capri, skirt and dress.
  • Sweater with collar and sleeves
  • Sleeveless sweater with collar
  • T-shirt must have sleeves.

Sweaters designed to be worn outside pants, skirts or Bermuda shorts must cover the waist.

Leggings may only be worn under dresses or skirts.


The following garments may not be worn

  • Safari, rugby, yoga and cargo pants
  • Tank tops or camisoles
  • Training shorts
  • Beach sandals


Cell phone usage

For phones and smartphones, the "vibrate" mode is required on all Club facilities.

In the clubhouse: use of the "Phone" function is prohibited throughout the clubhouse. On the terraces: limited and discreet use is tolerated. Elsewhere on the grounds: limited and discreet use is tolerated. It must not interfere with other players or slow down play. Courtesy requires a player to switch off his device at the request of another player.

*Wearing denim and or jeans is permitted in order to access your locker in the clubhouse.

Our staff are more than happy to assist any needs you may have in order to make your day at La Vallée better.

Enjoy your round!


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